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social media marketing services for business

edigitalcraze provides all social media marketing services in Jalgaon. From Managing social media accounts to running social media Ads. Those business having social media presence will generate 78% more sales than the business with not having presence. That’s why social media marketing services is essential in todays world to grow your Business.

It doesn’t matter even if you have small business, local shop or any new startup your business must need social media presence. 

If people don’t know about your business then its obvious that they can’t become your customers. Social media will help you to reach your potential customer’s at very low cost than you spend on traditional marketing. 

You can do brand awareness, generate sales, bring customers to your shop and also many other things you can achieve. For every business objective social media provides solution.

What we offer in our social media marketing services

1. Creating business profile on social media channels:

We setup your complete business profile on Facebook and Instagram.  Along with all details we setup and optimize your profile.

2. Running Social Media Ads:

Complete setup of your ad including ad copy design, content writing and optimization of ad (audience targeting, budget optimization). The ad will be perfectly setup with right objective so that you will get more ROI.

3. Report of ad performance

After the ad is completed we will give you performance report so that you will also get info how your ad has been performed.   


4. Managing Social Media Accounts

If you are running Business and if you want to manage your social media presence then will help you. From optimizing your business profile to creating content we will manage everything.

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