4 Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing For Free in 2022

Learn Digital Marketing for Free

Do you thinking about to learn digital marketing for free at your home? but you don’t know how it could be possible and are there any ways to learn it free?

Your all questions get answered in this post.

In this post i will tell you different online resources from which you can learn digital marketing at home.

Before jump on these free resources 1st you should know about what is digital marketing? what are its different module. (skip this if you are familiar with it and check resources below)

Basically digital marketing is a marketing of products and services with the help of different digital mediums on internet.

It’s all about making online presence of a business so that, customers can find that business more easily and also they get business information in a better way. If you want to learn basics of digital marketing you can learn here

Also to know more about digital marketing fundamentals you can checkout this video:

Digital Marketing is a set of different skills. So if are looking forward to make career in this field then, Even if you master any one of these skill then there are lots of opportunity for you to make money. As all these skills have high demand in the market. So lets see what are the different skills included in this field:

What Are The Modules Of Digital Marketing

What are the modules of digital marketing

As day-by-day world is shifting to digital technology the demand for learning digital marketers also increases. So now its time to introduce you to the free resources where you can learn digital marketing at home for free

So let’s begin:

How to Learn Digital Marketing at Home

1. YouTube videos: Best YouTube Channels to Learn Digital Marketing

Lots of channels and experts provide their valuable knowledge in the form of video content. Below their are links of top YouTube channels from which you will get an idea of latest trends, strategies and tips for digital marketing:

1. Ahrefs

2. Brian Dean

3. Neil Patel

4. Moz

5. SEMrush

6. HubSpot Academy

From above mentioned channels you will learn from experts who have been in that industry since many years. In this videos you will gets all about from basics to advance level.

2. Blogs: Top Digital Marketing Blogs

Blog is one of the greatest source for information. You will gets tremendous knowledge on digital marketing if you reads blog regularly.

Visit the blogs mentioned below. These blogs tells you everything that happens in the digital marketing industry. Including latest updates from tools and search engine algorithm.

  1. HubSpot Marketing
  2. Single Grain
  3. Quick Sprout
  4. Moz: SEO and Inbound Marketing
  5. Marketing Land
  6. Convince and convert
  7. Content Marketing Institute

3. Podcasts: Best Digital Marketing Podcasts

Audio Podcasts are getting more popular these days. If you love to hear audio then this is best thing for you.

Lots of the brands produces content for podcast on daily basis. Lets see which are best in this category and produce valuable content:

  1. Marketing Scoop Podcast
  2. Marketing School
  3. ProBlogger
  4. Marketing Companion
  5. Marketing Profs
  6. Online Marketing Made Easy
  7. AskPat 2.0

4. Free Courses: Free Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates

In case you are looking to do some course in digital marketing without paying a large cost then don’t worry, there are some platforms which offers these course at free of cost you don’t need to pay anything.

And also one good news for you. You will also get certification for the completion of course, that adds extra value to your skills.

These courses gives you an information from basic to advance level. That will help you to make different strategies, also gives an information about different tools and their application.

In short there are lots of thing for you to explore in this courses. So are you ready?

1.Google Digital Unlocked

2. Hubspot Academy

3. SEO training by MOZ

4. Constant Contact (Email Marketing)

How to Learn Digital Marketing For Free

These are 4 best ways to learn digital marketing. So don’t worry if you don’t have enough money to buy paid courses. These all sources will definitely help to those who think’s how to learn digital marketing at home for free.

But one thing it’s a field of continuous variation.

With time things get updated like changes in algorithm, different features are added in tools, Audience Interest also changes form one platform to another.

So, you must need to keep your knowledge updated. Most important thing don’t forgot to practice all this.

As you practice more you will always learn new things. And it’s OK to do some mistakes while learning all this. Because It’s a part of learning.

Choose which is best option for you from the above mentions resources. Whatever it may be, If you like to watch videos you can use YouTube videos.

Whereas if you are passionate about reading then blog is best for you. If you love to listen then you must try podcast. Along with that courses is a bonus for you.

I hope so this information will help you to learn online digital marketing for free and at your own. Do it passionately and practice a lot.

Surely you will achieve great height in digital marketing. Also if you want to learn this skill from best digital marketing books then check here – top digital marketing books

Comment below your views about this blog post. Does it helped you ? or even if you want to ask anything about digital marketing then comment below. Or you can join me on Instagram here I post lots of information on daily basis. The Instagram link is here – Check Now

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